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Lumanu Blog - Maximizing Influencer Ads with Influencer Audience ...
Influencer Engaged Audiences:‍ · Users who have visited an influencer's social media account (Instagram profile or Facebook Page) · Users who have clicked, liked,

Influencer: understand your audience to better pitch to brands
Javier Burón, our CEO, encourages influencers to analyse their audiences "Today, there are many parties involved in influencer marketing campaigns: agencies,

Free Influencer Analysis and Audit Tool
question to ask [about influencers] - Do they have a connection to their audience?

A Call for Authenticity: Audience Responses to Social Media ...
Photos of social media influencers, people who have become famous through social media, increase purchase intentions more than photos of general

Evaluating Audience Loyalty and Authenticity in Influencer ...
Based on the predicted loyalty and authenticity scores, we rank influencers to find those who are followed by loyal and authentic audiences. By

Influencer Demographics And Analysis Tool | Upfluence
Analyze influencer statistics & audience demographics. Analyze influencer's performance metrics on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and more. Make data-based

HypeAuditor: 100% AI-Powered Influencer Marketing Platform
Discover influencers with the audiences you need within a 50.5M+ database.

Understand Your Audience For Influencer Marketing Success
Many people are impressed by influencers with millions of followers, but a large audience doesn't necessarily equate to effective brand

(PDF) Evaluating Audience Loyalty and Authenticity in Influencer ...
By using a large-scale Instagram influencer-audience dataset which contains 14,221 influencers, 9,290,895 audiences, and 65,848,717 engagements

Who Exactly Are Your Influencers Influencing? | Traackr I Traackr
Discover the audience insights that marketers need to take a more sophisticated approach in enabling data-driven and measurable influencer 
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