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“Fake Famous” and the Tedium of Influencer Culture | The New Yorker
and out of the thousands of hopefuls who apparently do, he selects three individuals, with the goal of making them Instagram influencers.

How we're all being changed by influencer culture - BBC Three
How we're all being changed by influencer culture. We don't really need a personal Instagram photographer, do we? Harvey Day 15 February 2019.

The rise of the social media influencer | The Week UK
An influencer culture has developed – or more accurately a series of cultures. The prevailing Instagram culture mixes rampant consumerism

Sexualized labour in digital culture: Instagram influencers, porn chic ...
The rise of digital technologies and social media platforms has been linked to changing forms of work, as well as the mainstreaming of

Will Influencer Culture Ever Die? - FASHION Magazine
Around that time, the rules around how influencers could advertise to their audience on social media was changing, and Instagram was

Instagram casual posting is the antithesis to aesthetic influencer ...
casual posting is the antithesis to aesthetic influencer culture.

The Growth of Influencer Culture | The Power Group
Since apps like Instagram and TikTok have surpassed some of the longer-standing social media platforms, influencer culture has grown and

Is this the beginning of the end of influencer culture? | LEWIS
When Instagram influencers sought the Dubai sun in the pandemic, consumers responded with backlash and frustration.

(PDF) Micro-Celebrity Influencer Marketing: The Impact of Instagram ...
Consumer Culture on Instagram?” Literature Review/Important Concepts. Social media influencers represent a new type of independent, third-party

Research on social media influencers has concluded that influencers' status 
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