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An MCM Net Guide to… Influencers - MCM
To put it simply, an influencer is a person who has the power to affect the purchase decisions of others. Many influencers are in a position

Influence of pore size of MCM-41 matrices on drug delivery rate ...
In this work we have studied the influence of the pore diameter of MCM-41 matrices covering a wide range of sizes on the in vitro releasing

Influence of Tin Loading and Pore Size of Sn/MCM-41 Catalysts on ...
In this work, we investigate the influence of the Sn-loading and the pore size of MCM-41 materials on catalytic nopol production.

Influence of Template Extraction on Structure, Activity, and Stability ...
Up to 73% of the template in MCM-41 can be removed by extraction with solutions of an acid or salt in ethanol. When extracting with acidic ethanol,

Influencer Logic: Main
University Masters of Communications Management program (MCM).

Influence of deposited amine‐functionalized Si‐MCM‐41 in ...
Abstract Among several oil/water emulsion separation technologies, the utilization of nanoparticle-decorated membranes with diverse

Influence of pore size of MCM-41 matrices on drug delivery rate
The influence of pore size of MCM-41 materials on drug delivery rate has been studied. In order to achieve this objective, small pore size MCM-41 materials

Influence of Au/Pd alloy on an amine functionalised ZnCr LDH ...
In the present study, Au/Pd bimetallic alloy loaded amine (APTES) functionalised LDH (Layered double hydroxide)–MCM-41 composite was prepared through an in situ

Influence of promoted 5% Ni/MCM‐41 catalysts on hydrogen yield in ...
Summary The modern world needs to find an alternative fuel that can replace the nonrenewable fossil fuels. Being versatile, sustainable

Synthesis of mesoporous molecular sieves: influence of aluminum ...
Three series of mesoporous aluminosilicate molecular sieves, MCM-41, with various Si/Al ratios were synthesized using different aluminum sources (aluminum.
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